Lee Kesselman
Kesselman Press


Benediction from Man, Keep Not  Silent (2018)  soprano solo, SATB & piano or orchestra   Kesselman Press

Kaddish for my Father (2012)                       SATB, clarinet, piano                               Available from MusicSpoke

Let Peace Descend (2002)
SATB; wind ensemble accompaniment; Kesselman Press 

May the Words of My Mouth (1998)
SATB  Kesselman Press

River (2000)
piano, hand-held drums and bass guitar accompaniment
SATB;   Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48005116  sample pages & audio


Schlof, mayn fegele (2013)
For 1 or 2 part chorus & piano
Yiddish folksong
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48023153              sample pages & audio

Ani ehh’yeh (2011)
2-part treble voices, piano & optional violin
Text: composer
Commissioned by the Casper Children’s Chorale
Carl Fischer Music #CM9427                     sample pages & audio

Festival Light (2010)
SSA, piano & tambourine
Commissioned by Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL     Available from MusicSpoke see score, hear recording 

Rad Halaila (2007)
for unison treble voices, clarinet & piano
Traditional Jewish text combined with Hava Nagila
Commissioned by the St. Louis Children’s Choirs
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48021019              sample pages & audio

Hineni (2004)
2 treble voices & piano accompaniment Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48018974                  hear recording         
description / publication

Man, Keep Not Silent (1988; revised 2000)
treble voices; baritone solo, piano     Kesselman Press

Peace in the Desert (2015)
treble chorus & piano
Commissioned by the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir
Texts in Hebrew, English, Latin and Arabic from Micah                                               Available from MusicSpoke                             see score, hear recording

Shalom, Friends (1994)
treble voices; piano accompaniment; also arranged for chamber orchestra; published by Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004545                  hear recording with orchestra

Songs of Songs (2004)
1. So is My Beloved #HL 48018698  sample pages & audio                                                       2. I Am Come into My Garden #HL 48018699     sample pages & audio                                      3. I Am My Beloved’s   #HL 48018680        sample pages & audio
treble voices & piano                                 Boosey & Hawkes    (entire set also available with strings & piano)

Tsvey Taybelekh (2004)
3-part treble chorus & piano
Traditional Yiddish song
Commissioned by the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48019149              sample pages & audio
(also arranged for violin, cello, and piano)

Variable Voicings

Eiliyahu Hanavi (SA 1998, SATB 1998)
piano accompaniment, also arranged for chamber orchestra
SA version published by Roger Dean
SATB version published by Kesselman Press

Kadosh/Benedictus (SAB 1999, SSA 2005)
brass quintet and organ accompaniment
both versions published by Boosey & Hawkes

Solo voice

I Am Come into My Garden (2009)
for voice and piano
Text: Song of Songs

There Will I Go (2012)                                       solo soprano & organ
Text: Book of Ruth                                   Available from MusicSpoke                            see score, hear recording

Published editions by other composers

Handel: O Lovely Peace from Judas Maccabeus
treble voices; piano or orchestra;            Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004617

Handel: Thou Shalt Bring Them In from Israel in Egypt
treble voices; piano or orchestra;             Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004830

Posted: Feb-10-2019
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