Lee Kesselman
Kesselman Press

Remember US for SATB chorus, narrator and string orchestra (2020)

SSAATB, strings, organ, piano, percussion
Commissioned by Allegro Choirs of Kansas City      Kesselman Press   hear recording

Praise to the Light of the World (2014)
Men’s choir, women’s choir, SATB, symphonic band
Commissioned by Wheaton College & Northwestern College
Texts; Biblical and Hildegard von Bingen   Kesselman Press    hear recording

Measuring the Holy (2010)
SATB, treble voices, chamber orchestra (fl, perc, piano, strings)     30 minutes
Commissioned by Cantare Con Vivo (Oakland, Ca)
Texts: Kazuaki Tanahashi, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Ibn’ Arabi, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Li Bai, Wendell Berry, Wintu songs, Mass fragments      Kesselman Press

Alo Amar (2007)
for SATB and wind ensemble
Commissioned by the American School of Bombay (Mumbai, India)
Text: Rabindranath Tagore     Kesselman Press

Let Peace Descend (2002)
SATB voices and wind ensemble
(re-instrumentation for winds, 3 solo strings, & perc, 2002)
Commissioned by St. Mary’s University, Winona, MN       Kesselman Press

Freedom Chimes (2004)
for SATB, concert band and dramatic readers
Commissioned by Bolingbrook (IL) High School
for the dedication of its new performing arts facility
Texts: Sojourner Truth, Liberty Bell, Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
John F. Kennedy, James W. Johnson, traditional spiritual      Kesselman Press

Songs of Songs (2003)
Texts: Song of Songs
2-part treble chorus & string orchestra (or piano)
1. So Is My Beloved  #HL 48018698
2. I Am Come Into My Garden #HL 48018699
3. I Am My Beloved’s  #HL 48018680
Boosey & Hawkes  

The Life We Have (2002)
for SATB voices and string ensemble
Commissioned by Lakota Ridge Junior High School, Ohio

Auld Lang Syne (2000)
for SATB voices or treble voices and piano
Commissioned by Stetson University Children’s Chorus
SATB for the Teaneck Community Chorus
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48005108
(orchestration available for full or chamber orchestra)

Shalom, Friends (1994) for unison voices and piano
(chamber orchestra version available)
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48004545

Eiliyahu Hanavi (1998)
for SATB or SA and piano
Arranged for St. Cecilia Catholic Church, Texas
(chamber orchestra version available)        SATB Kesselman Press                                     SA Roger Dean  #15/1575R                               orchestration Roger Dean   30/1650R

Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand (1997)
treble voices and symphony orchestra; premiere March 1998
Commissioned by New Philharmonic for Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus
Texts: Blake, Davies, Rilke, Native American Kesselman Press

Let me be to Thee as the Circling Bird (1998)
SATB, strings; text: Gerard Manley Hopkins
Commissioned by Glenbard West High School
Roger Dean Music Publishers #15/1640R    sample pages


Posted: Apr-27-2023
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