Lee Kesselman
Kesselman Press

Sing, Dance, Praise and Love (2023) for treble voices and piano; available from MusicSpoke, see score, purchase, hear recording

We Can Fly (2023) for treble voices and piano; available from MusicSpoke, See score/purchase , hear recording

Something Missing (2021) for SATB or treble chorus, available from MusicSpoke  see score / purchase

Irish Blessings (in time of pestilence (2020) for 2-part or unison treble voices and piano   Published by Boosey & Hawkes

I Am the Fiery Life of the Essence of God (2020) for SSAA voices; lyrics by Hildegard von Bingen; Published by Boosey & Hawkes

Be Quick to Love (2019)                                treble voices, flute, finger cymbals & piano   Text: Henri-Frédéric Amiel           Commissioned by the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir    hear recording   see score / purchase

OZ Cantata (2018)                                                  three-part treble voices, violin, cello & piano     Text: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz   Commissioned by the Allegro Choirs of Kansas City    watch video    available from MusicSpoke

When You Command Me To Sing (2018)             2-part treble voices, piano & optional flute    Text: Rabindranath Tagore           Commissioned by the Cincinnati Youth Choir  Available from MusicSpoke   hear recording         

Sakura (2017)                                                     Arrangement of Japanese folksong
Soprano, clarinet & piano
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48024250             sample pages & audio

Stairway to Paradise (2015)
Arr. of George Gershwin song
For voice, clarinet & piano Boosey & Hawkes #HL48023888  sample pages & audio

There is a Balm in Gilead (2009)
Spiritual for SSA and piano OR SSA a cappella
Carl Fischer Music  #CM9524 (accomp) CarlFischer Music #CM9770 (a cappella)           sample pages & audio    Purchase scores

Dear God, Be Good to Me (2017)
Breton Fisherman’s Prayer
2-part treble voices
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48024155              sample pages & audio

We Are the Lyrics (2016)
SA chorus & piano
Original lyrics
Commissioned by School District 81,
Schiller Park, IL                                        Published by Carl Fischer Music (#CM 9771)   Purchase scores

Molly Malone (2015)
Irish folksong
SA & piano
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48023731             sample pages & audio

The Rowan Tree (2015)
Scottish folksong
Treble chorus & piano
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48023679             sample pages & audio

Peace in the Desert (2015)
Treble chorus & piano
Commissioned by the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir        Available from MusicSpoke       see score, hear recording

O frondens Virga (2014)
SSA chorus
Text: Hildegard von Bingen
For Wheaton College Women’s Chorale
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48023666                  see performance         sample pages & audio

Shifting the Sun (2013)
For three-part treble voices and piano
(optional cello)
Text: Diana Der-Hovanessian                               Available from MusicSpoke                            see score, hear recording

Schlof, mayn fegele (2013)
1 or 2 part chorus & piano
Yiddish folksong
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48023153             sample pages & audio

I’m Nobody! Who are you? (2013)
For 2-part treble voices & piano
Text: Emily Dickinson
Commissioned by the NIU Community School of the Arts Children’s Chorus                 Available from MusicSpoke                             see score, hear recording

Ani ehh’yeh (2011)
2-part treble voices piano & optional violin
Text: composer
Commissioned by the Casper Children’s Chorale
Carl Fischer Music  #CM9427                    sample pages, hear recording

Star-Spangled Banner (2011)
for two treble parts     Kesselmn Press

Ad Amore (2010)
4-part treble voices & bells
Text: Dante, from Purgatorio
Commissioned by the Allegro Community Children’s Choir for Allegro Con Brio
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48021135              sample pages            full recording              

Festival Light (2010)
SSA, piano & tambourine
Commissioned by Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire,IL                                          Available from MusicSpoke                            see score, hear recoding

Measuring the Holy (2010)
for mixed chorus, treble voices, chamber orchestra (fl, perc, piano, strings)
30 minutes
Commissioned by Cantare Con Vivo (Oakland, Ca)
Texts: Kazuaki Tanahashi, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Ibn’ Arabi, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Li Bai, Wendell Berry, Wintu songs, Mass fragments               Kesselman Press            hear recording of mvmts 1-3

Munoera (Shona Sanctus) (2009)
Treble voices or male voices or mixed voices & African percussion
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48021023                  see performance           sample pages & audio

Mpaka Simba Watapo (2009)
For treble chorus, tenor/bass chorus, African drums and piano
Based on an African proverb and There is a Balm in Gilead
Commissioned by the Oregon Repertory Singers, Kris Van Auken, Director      Kesselman Press     hear recording

There is a Balm in Gilead (2009)
Spiritual arrangement, for SSA & piano        Carl Fischer Music  #CM9524                    sample pages & audio

Rad Halaila (2007)
Unison treble voices, clarinet & piano
Traditional Jewish text combined with Hava Nagila
Commissioned by the St. Louis Children’s Choirs
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48021019                    see performance       sample pages & audio

Circles (2006)
4 songs for 2-part treble voices, contrabass & piano
I. Only Music
II. The Dance that Circles Life Around
III. Our Children, Coming of Age
IV. The Wheel         Kesselman Press

Tsvey Taybelekh (2004)
3-part treble chorus & piano
Traditional Yiddish song
Commissioned by the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48019149           description/publication
also arranged for violin, cello, & piano accompaniment     see performance  

Hineni (2004)
2 treble voices & piano accompaniment Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48018974       description/publication                                   see performance                

Songs of Songs (2003)
Texts: Song of Songs
for 2 - part treble chorus and piano or string orchestra (inquiries to composer)
1. So Is My Beloved
2. I Am Come Into My Garden
3. I Am My Beloved’s
Boosey & Hawkes;

Thrush Song (2003)
for 3-part treble voices and piano
Text: Wendell Berry
(Commissioned by the Oak Park River Forest Children’s Chorus)
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48018973                 hear recording

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree (2001)
for double treble chorus (SSA/SSA)
Commissioned by Wheaton-Warrenville South High School
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48005070                  hear recording

Eagle Hill (2001)
for 2-part treble voices and piano
Text: Pawnee Ceremonial poem, the composer, Shelly Miller
(Commissioned by Eagle Hill Middle School, Manlius, NY)
Hal Leonard Music #HL00114529             sample pages & audio 

Briar Rose (2000)
SSA &  piano
Text: Lindsay Kesselman
(Commissioned by the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus)
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004999                  hear recording

In Praise of Isla (2000)
for 2-part treble voices, flute and piano
Commissioned by the Lochgelly High School Choir, Lochgelly Scotland
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48004998                 hear recording

Scottish Folk Song Suite (2000)
Afton Water #HL 48004958                       LochLomond#HL48004959                                                Skye Boat Song #HL 48004960
Birks of Aberfeldy #HL 48004961                         Auld Lang Syne #HL48005108
for 2-part treble voices and piano
Commissioned by Stetson University Children’s Chorus
Boosey & Hawkes
(orchestration available for full or chamber orchestra for Auld Lang Syne)

Le Cygne and the Chef (1999)
for 2-part chorus, violin and clarinet
based on a La Fontaine fable
in French and English
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004957                   hear recording

Kadosh / Benedictus (1999)
SSA, brass quintet
and organ
Commissioned by Kentucky ACDA for the
Kentucky All-State Middle School / Junior High Honors Chorus
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48018972             sample audio & information

Eiliyahu Hanavi (1998)
for two-part treble voices and piano
Commissioned by the Lubbock Children’s Chorus
(chamber orchestra version available)
Roger Dean Music Publishers  #15/1575R      see performance     description/publication

Amazing Grace (1998)
for treble chorus
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004852                   hear recording        description/publication

Hozhonji Song (1998)
for unison voices and drum
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004831                   see performance

Hwayana yaMwari (Shona Agnus Dei) (1997)
for three-part treble chorus and drums
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48004777

Moonplay (1997)
SSA, flute, & marimba
Commissioned by Wheaton-Warrenville South High School
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004766                  hear recording             description/publication

The Sacred Hoop (1997)
Treble chorus, piano, hand percussion
Commissioned by Stetson University Children’s Chorus
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004740

Jubilate Deo (1996)
Two-part treble chorus, 2 trumpets, & strings
Commissioned by the Utah Centennial Children’s Chorus Festival
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004762       description & publication

There Will Be Stars Forever (1996)
Two-part treble chorus & piano duet
Commissioned by the Young Naperville Singers
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004681                  hear recording

Akakomborerwa (Shona Benedictus) (1995)
for three-part treble chorus and drums
Commissioned by the Miami Choral Society
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004682

Benedictus (1995)
for three-part treble chorus
Roger Dean Music Publishers  #LX.10-2501R  description / publication   hear recording

Ae Fond Kiss (1994)
Scottish folksong for treble voices and piano
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004544                  hear recording

When I Close My Eyes, I Dream of Peace (1994) for flute, oboe, treble voices & piano. Commissioned by the Downers Grove (IL) Children’s Chorus  Kesselman Press

Shalom, Friends (1994) for unison voices and piano
(chamber orchestra version available)
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48004545                 hear recording

Mbiri kuna Mwari (Shona Gloria) (1994) for treble voices and percussion Commissioned by Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48004543

Tenzi (Shona Kyrie) (1993) for treble voices and percussion
Commissioned by Gregory Middle School, Naperville, IL
Boosey & Hawkes  #HL 48004618

The Friendly Beasts (1993), carol for treble voices and harp (or piano)
Colla Voce #20-96510                                      see performance                                              see score  

Wayfarin’ Stranger (1992)
arrangement for SSA  & viola or cello
Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48005114             sample audio & description

Frogs in the Pond (1989), with flute, cello, and hand-held percussion
Texts: Native American (5 minutes)
Commissioned by the Red River Boy Choir, Fargo, N. D.           Kesselman Press

Man, Keep Not Silent (1988) with baritone solo and piano
Texts: Biblical and contemporary (6 minutes)
Commissioned by the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus, Glen Ellyn, IL
Revised version (2000)   Kesselman Press

A Child's Garden (1984)
Three pieces with piano
Texts: Robert Louis Stevenson
#1 Happy Thought Boosey & Hawkes #HL 48004078
#2 My Shadow  Roger Dean Music Publishers #LO.15-1939R    see score
#3 Escape at Bedtime  Kesselman Press
(#2 and #3 Winner of Chautauqua County Children’s Chorus 1994 Composition Contest) 

Heavenly Harmony (1984) (see SATB listing) Kesselman Press

Home in Time (1982)
with piano
Texts: Grace Evelyn Gibson
Commissioned by College of St. Theresa, Winona, MN    Kesselman Press

Libera Me: Requiem for Three Poets (1980) with flute and piano
Texts: Dickinson, Millay, Sexton (10 minutes)
Commissioned by College of St. Theresa   Kesselman Press

Posted: Jun-24-2024
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