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August 11, 2020
August 2020

It's been quite a ride, so far.  The premiere of Remember US was supposed to take place on March 18 and was postponed indefinitely. This major work for voices and string orchestra was days from premiere and represented a two-year process of seeking and setting underrepresented voices of America.  Someday....

And then, since March, we've been surrounded and impacted by COVID19, economic upheaval, the murder of George Floyd, the voices of BlackLivesMatter and the disruption of American life in so many ways. The last six months have changed the way we live, given us time to reflect and regroup, to read and inform the ways we think about diversity, inclusion and equity as well as a time to reconsider the values we hold most dear.  And our social constructs have changed by our living circumstances and the changes of our patterns.

As a composer, I have been gifted TIME.  Time to read, to reflect and write. What have I completed? What am I working on? 

New works since March: 

CHORAL: Irish Blessings in time of pestilence for two-part treble voices and piano, I am the fiery life of the essence of God for SSAA choir (words by Hildegard of Bingen, and the third in the sets which includes Ad Amore and O frondens virga.

PIANO: Notturno for solo piano Iin memory of Rajeev Rao)

INSTRUMENTAL: Hebrew Meditations for oboe, violin, viola, and cello (written for the Metropolis Oboe Quartet, to be premiered in October 2020.  Bagatelle for harp and double bass (premiered by Robin Kesselman and Allegra Lilly this summer).

In process: Otiyot -- a suite of Hebrew letters for soprano, harp, and double bass.  And a new work for DAINAVA Lithuanian chorus of Chicago and Lithuanian tenor Raifaila Karpis remembering the Jewish community in Lithuanian, to be premiered in March 2021.

And, looking ahead..... performers and composers are hopeful.  In this time of uncertainty, people are still inquiring about new works, commissions, performances. In these times we must be hopeful, because there is no other choice.

There is much music represented on this website.  I hope you will take a moment to look through the titles, search out the scores, listen to or view the recordings.  Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Be safe and be well!   LRK



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